Aging in the Age of the Selfie #TheSelfieProject

Aging in the Age of the Selfie  

Looking at the lines on my face

through the iPhone lens

Drawn deeper, longer.

The curls on my head

lie heavy, grey.

Taking up the screen.

They move on their own now.

The camera's filter can't seem to catch a

glimpse of daddy's and mommy's face

in mine.

I am my own woman now.

My eyes appear

calm and dark.

They smile on their own.

I remember what Audre Lorde wrote in 'Change of Season'

She asks:

"Am I to be cursed forever with becoming somebody else on my way to myself?"

She continues,

"I have paid dearly in time for love I hoarded


summer goes into my words

and comes out reason."

I am trying to capture a sense of time in this selfie.



where to locate change

on a digital

and aging face.