I study the affordances of emerging media to address inequality in social life. My dissertation explored young people's school-to-work and neighborhood mobilities in New York City, and highlighted the role digital and social media play in community life, interpersonal relationships, and young people's information-seeking practices. 

Key interests: Ethnography, urban studies, youth cultures, digital technologies and emergent media.


Ed.D. Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design. Teachers College, Columbia University, 2016. 

M.A. Women’s Studies. Texas Woman’s University, 2008. 

B.A. English. University of Houston. Magna Cum Laude; Minor: Health Education, 2004.



Conley, T.L. (forthcoming). Decoding black feminist hashtags as becoming. The Black Scholar Journal: Black Code Studies Special Issue. Neal, M. A. and Johnson, J.M. (Eds). New York: Routledge.

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Conley, T.L. (2013) Convergence culture: Where old and new media collide by Henry Jenkins HASTAC. 

Documentaries/Visual Media

Brackish: A Visual Ethnography of NOLA and Hurricane Katrina (brackishfilm.org). 2015.

The Foe Within: A Docupoem in Three Parts. 2008.

A Region of Survivors. (Post-Hurricane Katrina documentary video). 2007.


Adjunct Instructor, New York University.

Business and Organizational Writing, PWRT1, 2016-present (online). Develops students' ability to communicate both within and outside of a business or other organization as both members and managers, including the ability to communicate in the organization's voice. A core objective of this course emphasizes ethical standards for communicating in multicultural and diverse professional settings. Students also learn basics of creating documents ready for presentation in the form of digital media.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Culture, Media, and Education, MSTU 5002, 2014-present (online). Examines the cultural implications of media and technologies for education by parking theoretical frameworks with case studies and other examples of empirical research.

Speech and Intercultural Communications, Pre-College Program, (2011-2014). Examines interpersonal and speech communication principals as well as basic multimedia production skills. 

Adjunct Instructor, The New School. 

Technologies of Women of Color Feminist Thought & Action, (2015-present): Framing technology as the practical application of knowledge, this course considers how Women of Color Feminist thought and activism has invented and mobilize a wide range of technologies to provide a significant body of work toward social change.

Adjunct Instructor, Bronx Community College. 

Interpersonal Communications, CMS 11 Fall, Spring 2012-2013. Survey course to increase students’ understanding and implementation of effective interpersonal communication behaviors and skills.

Teaching Assistant, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Youth, Multiliteracies, & Educational Justice I & II, A&HE 5199, Fall 2014. Examines the ways in which critical, digital, visual, and other literacies can provide positive social and academic experiences for vulnerable youth.

Youth, Media, & Educational Justice, MSTU 5011 & 5012, Fall, Spring 2013-2014. Yearlong, participatory learning seminar that provides an interdisciplinary approach to three areas of study: youth, media, and educational justice.

Ethnographic Methods in Educational Research: Dilemmas and New Directions, ITSF 5199, Spring 2013. Provides training in ethnographic methods in educational research.

Teaching of English in Diverse Social & Cultural Context, A&HE 5518, Fall, Spring 2010-2011. Examines how issues of gender, class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation inform instructional goals, curriculum planning/implementation, and practices in the teaching of literature, language, and composition in English language arts classrooms.

Women-Images and Perspectives, WS 100, Fall, Spring 2007-2008. Survey course examining issues related to gender, sex, sexuality, and race in U.S.-American culture.


$6,250. Provost Doctoral Dissertation Grant. Teachers College, Columbia University. 2016.

$12,000. Media Ideation Fellow. Voqal Initiative. 2013.

$1,200Travel Grants. CMLTD. Teachers College, Columbia University. 2014-2016.


Postdoctoral Fellow. January 2017 - Present. Teachers College, Columbia University.

Co-researcher on re-entry and well-being ethnographic study.

Senior Research Associate. March 2016 - Present. Race Forward, The Center for Racial Justice Innovation.

Conceptualize, plan, and implement short and long-tern research projects that support the organization's mission to advance racial justice solutions in the United States.

Social Media Manager. June 2014 - Present. Race Forward, The Center for Racial Justice Innovation.

Manage and implement social media and online communications strategies for the organization.

Social Media Manager. December 2013 - June 2014. Teachers College, Columbia University.

Manage Teachers College, Columbia University’s social media presence, primarily including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Voqal. 2016. Fellowship Mentor.

Provide ongoing support and mentorship to Voqal fellows creating innovative technologies for social change in social, civic, and academic or professional arenas.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education. 2009-2015. Research consultant.

Consulted on the strategic development of online communications for the foundation and its grantees.

Beyond the Bricks Project. 2011-2014. Curriculum designer.

Designed and consulted on the development of a media literacy literacy curriculum that serves young Black men and boys.


Strategies for Racial Equity in Educational Technology - Presenter.

Reimagining Education: Teaching and Learning in Racially Diverse Schools; July 2016.

Race, Media, and Social Justice - Invited panelist.

4th Annual Screening Scholarship Media Festival on Race, Media, and Social Justice; April 2016.

Walk about school: A case study analyzing the walking interview using multimodal techniques. - Lecture.

Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference; February 2016.

Ethnography in Education Research Forum; February 2016.

Towards an anti-racist pedagogy in educational technology. 

Cultural Studies Association Conference; May 2015. 

Anti-racist practices for new movements in the classroom and beyond.

Race, Rights, and Responsibility Conference, New York University; May 2014.

Renisha McBride and transmedia storytelling. 

Stanford University; February 2015.

Media mobilizing justice: Access, learning, and action in community-based settings with youth. 

American Educational Research Association; April 2015.

Youth, social change and the media. - Invited Panelist.

Online News Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois; September 2014.

Method of madness: Ethnographically documenting participatory prototyping in design.

Ethnography Forum, University of Pennsylvania, February 2014.

At the intersections of media, arts, and social change: Community-based participatory research with court-involved youth.

Ethnography Forum, University of Pennsylvania; February 2014.

Possibilities of designing with and for underrepresented communities: A conversation about participation, court-Involved youth, and humility. - Invited Panelist. 

Racial Literacy Roundtables, Teachers College Columbia University, October 2013.

Critical perspectives on feminism and activism in the third wave. 

The National Communication Association; November 2012.

Social media for social justice 101. 

Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan; June 2010.

Using social media and technology to support your cause. - Invited Panelist.

Step It Up, Nike Workshop, New York; March 2010. 

Promulgating ideas In Twitter society: Our purpose in community and conversations. - Invited Panelist.

Cool Twitter Conference, Brooklyn, New York; October 2009

Civil engagement trial & using media and technology to support your cause. - Invited Panelist.

Step It Up, Nike Workshop, New York; May 2009.

Using new media and technology to advance racial justice.

Facing Race: A National Conference presented by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation, Oakland, California; November 2008.

Virtual volunteers: Hurricane Katrina’s impact and women’s resolve. 

Media Justice and Feminist Futures Conference, The State University of New York, November 2007.

Texas Woman’s University Creative Arts and Research Symposium, Texas Woman’s University, April 2007.


FemTechNet, Advisory Board Member.

American Educational Research Association, General Member.

Cultural Studies Association, General Member.

Activist Millennials, Advisory Board Member.