The Syllabus of My Dream Course

This week for class I was required to complete a syllabus for a course I would like to teach someday. My dream course, entitled "Exploring Perspectives of the Online-Offline Continuum" is a graduate level course that engages philosophical, methodological, and pedagogical perspectives to address meaning and function of the ONL-OFL Continuum. I suspect that the course will evolve as my understanding of the ONL-OFL Continuum evolves. Nonetheless, I thought I'd post the syllabus here for the world to see and critique. Exploring Perspectives of the ONL-OFL Continuum Syllabus [.pdf]

Included in the syllabus are a range of perspectives from some of the following writers, scholars, and educators I follow on Twitter.

PJ Rey

Mr. Teacup

Nancy Baym

Nathan Jurgenson

Sherry Turkle

danah boyd

Zeynep Tufekci

Jessie Daniels

I welcome your thoughts and comments.