Digital Ethnography: Cool Ass Sh*t

Michael Wesch's research is like E = mc2 of ethnography. This video give me chills everytime I watch it. [youtube=]

"Creating characters gave me an escape. It allowed me to be silly. It allowed me to act how I wanted to feel. It became a form of therapy; a coping mechanism. And after awhile it brought fun back to YouTube for me. You accepted my characters, even embraced them. And by doing so, you opened your arms to me. You allowed me to continue to have the escape I still need from the hard times while giving me the chance to talk about what I had gone through. And I'm eternally grateful to you all. Some people have said that the video that we make on YouTube should be created in hopes to change the world. I've made mine to help me live in it. And whether I make a hundred more or a thousand more, I will know forever that this website, that this community, helped bring me life again. And there's something really special in that". - bnessel1973


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