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Melissa Harris-Perry Show: Tara L. Conley appears on the Melissa Harris Perry Show to discuss social media and mainstream media coverage of the national protest movement against police violence. Credits: Guest appearance.

Huff Post Live: Tara L. Conley joins HuffPost Live to discuss Piers Morgan's op-ed on the N-word. Credits: Guest appearance

Politics Nation (MSNBC): Rev. Al Sharpton sits down with Tara Conley, Mark Hannah and Alyona Minkovski to talk about NBA legend Michael Jordan’s choice words regarding President Obama’s golf game. Credits: Guest appearance.

WFWP FM Radio: MEDIA MAKE CHANGE Founder and President Tara L. Conley discusses the impact of online activism in the Renisha McBride case on WPFW 89.3 FM radio about. Read full report HERECredits: Guest appearance.

Huff Post Live: "March on Washington: Obama Speech Live" 50 years to the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his historic "I Have a Dream" speech, President Barack Obama delivers an address on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We carry the speech live and react to the historic address. Credits: Co-host.

Huff Post Live: "Does Feminism Exclude Women of Color?" After "feminist" Hugo Schwyzer stated on Twitter that he'd been particularly awful to women of color, a social media firestorm ensued in which women of color questioned the inclusiveness of mainstream feminism. Is solidarity only for white women? Credits: Pitched segment, co-produced, in-studio guest.

Huff Post Live: "How Twitter is Changing The Face of Storytelling" Media Make Change Founder Tara Conley stops by HuffPost Live to talk about how social media has changed the future of storytelling. Credits: Pitched segment, co-produced, in-studio guest.

Huff Post Live: "Sesame Street and Parents in Prison" The makers of Sesame Street release an educational kit titled "Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration"; Millennials prefer traditional classrooms over online ones; In a digital age, parents value printed books for their kids. Credits: Pitched segment, co-produced, in-studio guest.

Huff Post Live: "Girls Playing With Boys" Women pro basketball legends and experts talk about the prospects of Brittney Griner being drafted to the NBA (2013). Credit: Guest.

Huffington Post Live: "Who's in Charge?" Citizens and experts discuss disaster relief during hurricanes Katrina and Sandy (2012). Credits: Guest.

Voice of Russia: Solidarity is for white women on Twitter (2013) - Credits: Guest.

Voice of RussiaWhat the Conventions Did for the African American Vote (2012) - Credits: Guest.

The Media Bytes PodcastTara L. Conley on Digital Media Access and Literacy (2012) - Credits: Guest.