When Gloria Anzaldua and Bruno Latour Met



Bruno Latour


Actually, they never did, to my knowledge, meet. But if they did I imagine they'd have similar outlooks on the so-called intellectual class.

Anzaldua chats with my former professor in Interviews/Entrevistas (2000):

"[I]deas don't belong to anyone. They're part of the collective consciouness. The information is out there, it's just the way I organize ideas and put them together that's unique to me."

Bruno Latour writes in We Have Never Been Modern (1991):

"No one has ever been modern. Modernity has never begun. There has never been a modern world [...] I am not saying that we are entering a new era [...] No, instead we discover that we have never begun to enter the modern era. Hence the hint of the ludicrous that always accompanies postmodern thinkers; they claim to come after a time that has not even started!"

In other words, calm your nerves, you intellectual fools because your ideas are nothing new. The sun hasn't shined differently. We haven't reached there yet.