The Best of #IWD2015

This post originally appeared on March 11, 2015 written by Ijeoma Oluo. This was Ijeoma’s first post for Hashtag Feminism.

This last Sunday was International Women’s Day (#IWD2015). This day, created to celebrate, empower, and advocate for women can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Here are some of my favorite tweets on #IWD2015

Some people shared inspiring photos of women out in the streets fighting for equality right now:

Because we all stand on the shoulders of giants, many chose this day to recognize some of their favorite feminists.

Some of the most thought provoking tweets were those focused on why we need International Women’s Day in the first place.

Why does #IWD still matter? Because there are more companies owned by a guy named John than that are owned by women.

— Elizabeth Plank (@feministabulous) March 8, 2015

I believe. In the right of a woman to say no: even after she has said yes; whether the person involved is a lover or husband #IWD2015

— Elnathan John (@elnathan) March 8, 2015

How did I spend International Women’s Day? By focusing on women who are often overlooked in discussions on women’s rights with the hashtag #IWDInvisibleWomen

And, since International Women’s Day fell on Daylight Savings Time, the irony was too much for some to resist.

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, #InternationalWomensDay is the shortest day of the year, clocking in at just 23 hours. Fitting?

— Parker Marie Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) March 8, 2015

International Women’s Day 2015 was filled with hard truths, inspiring stories and calls to action. I know that taking the time to learn about the current struggles that many “unseen” women in the world are fighting to overcome really opened my eyes to how much broader our feminism really has to be. Intersectional Feminism does not just apply to race and sexual orientation, it also applies to class, disability, trans women, nationality, and faith. The future for women will not be brighter if it does not include all women. Intersectional Feminism is International Feminism. Every day should be International Women’s Day.