We're totally technologically gentrified (I think)

Where are you located on this data map of the Internet? Where ever you are, odds are there's a Facebook around every corner. (source)

I wonder if it’s at all possible that as we strive toward a culturally pluralistic society in the new millennium, we may find ourselves technologically gentrified. It's already happening. We're utilizing virtually the same types of technology and media to spread ideas. What happens when said technology turns into a monopoly, where do our ideas go? Who owns them? When the Internet can be easily turned off like a light switch, one wonders, what the hell's next?

Facebook is to the Internet as Starbucks is to any random block in Manhattan. Everyone's *at* Facebook. Facebook is how many folks socialize and learn in third space. Google is the quintessential search engine that hoards all of our data. I’m not certain what the implications of technological gentrification are (if I may use my own completely random term), but it certainly makes a cyborg chick wonder.

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