MMC's Got a Wordle!

Ever wonder what "stuff" you discuss or search the most? We did. So we decided to put together a Wordle of Media Speaks! content. Media Make Change has been up and running for two years now so we thought it would be cool to get a bird's eye view of the content we've been producing recently. Take a look at how MMC's most talked about topics stack up!

Below is the linked image from Wordle's website. Wordle allows you to copy/paste the code you generate from content. Note, however, the image is incredibly small. We recommend you click on the thumbnail image of your Wordle to a larger image and then screen grab it (Apple + Shift + 4). Save your larger image as a .jped or .png file.

Wordle: Media Make Change Wordle

Wordle is also a great tool for educators and researchers who are interested in seeing how topics of interest compare. We recommend Wordle for students who are thinking about their next research project, but can't seem to narrow down a topic. Hint: Perhaps a good place to start is with the big words!

To create your own Wordle, simply go to and start wordling!