MMC To Produce Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign!

Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931 Ah, the wonderful world of crowdfunding. If you haven't noticed already, crowdfunding platforms are popping up all over the place. With the international success of companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, tech savvy entrepreneurs have caught on to this relatively new market, and as a result, they want in. Though flooding of the market may seem overwhelming to some, the good news for donation seekers is that newly founded crowdfunding platforms are becoming more and more niche. If Kickstarter's platform isn't right for you because of project stipulations, no worries, there's tons of other platforms out there that will most likely suit your project's funding needs.

MEDIA MAKE CHANGE is in a unique position to support artists, educators, activists, community organizers, mediamakers, and entrepreneurs in building their next crowdfunding campaign. Because we specialize in video production, online campaign organizing, and consulting (see some of our projects HERE), we can help with all aspects of crowdfunding campaign production and management. MMC can help you answer the following questions:

  1. How do I know which platform is right for my project?
  2. What constitutes a quality campaign video that can successfully raise money for my project?
  3. What are the best tips and tricks for creating videos, promoting projects online and offline, and managing updates?

For an affordable rate, MMC guarantees the following services:

Services Provided

Video production. MMC will work with you to create a concept and script for a campaign video of no longer than 3 minutes. MMC will be responsible for shooting and editing the video based on the concept and script.

MEDIA MAKE CHANGE defines a campaign video as one that specifically addresses potential donors. Campaign videos are not documentary trailers. Rather, campaign videos appeal to donors while providing an engaging visual representation of your project.


“A video is by far the best way to get a feel for the emotions, motivations, and character of a project. It’s a demonstration of effort and a good predictor of success. Projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%).”

Project Building Consultation. MMC will consult with you on suitable crowdfunding platforms with reasonable options. There are many crowdfunding platform options with varying processing fees and project stimulations. It’s important that you are educated about these options. It's also important that you set reasonable funding goals. MMC will consult with you to pick the best platform for your project, set reasonable goals, and help you to create eye-catching (and algorithm-catching) project descriptions and bios for your project’s campaign page. MMC will also help you come up with donor perks; that is, gifts you offer donors in exchange for their contributions.

WHY OFFER PERKS? (from Indiegogo)

“Perks give contributors an additional non-monetary incentive to support your campaign [. . .] This helps contributors understand that they’re not just buying something; they’re investing in an idea.”

Project Promotion. MMC will promote your project on Twitter and Facebook (the most popular and heavily trafficked social media sites), as well as promote your project through MMC’s online community, blog, and newsletters. We will consult and help plan offline promotion, like meetups and pledge parties. To further promote your project, MMC will also reach out to and pitch to online media and blogs looking to promote new crowdfunding projects. The length of time MMC promotes your project depends upon the amount of time you have to raise funds. We begin promoting on day one, and promotion ends on the deadline date. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. If (or shall we say, when) you raise all funds, MMC will help consult you on how best to provide project updates to donors.

CONTACT MMC today for more details on how we can produce your next crowdfunding campaign!


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