MEDIA (CAN) MAKE CHANGE: ImmaTeen Fans Speak Out Against Bullying

I've been thinking, since so many teens are on the Internet, why don't we start there?

I'm pretty active on the Internet. I'm especially active on my facebook page, ImmaTeen. All my admins on ImmaTeen have been actively using this page for fun, games, and anti-bullying awareness.

So today, I asked my fans on ImmaTeen if they can post some of their bullying stories, and they agreed to! Here's one story below.

"I was getting bullied in 7th grade because I liked a boy who a girl liked. She never would leave me alone. Her friends would start and they would message me saying I'm a slut I'm fat and ugly no ones wants to be with or around me. After awhile I started to believe them so I started drugs, then burning my self. One night I took a full [bottle] of sleeping pills the ambulance had to revive me. I'm now not doing drugs or bullied and I'm not harming myself things get better. Trust me"

- Katlynn

It makes me sad to think that this happens to kids and teens all around the world. Just hearing some of these stories give me chills down my spine. It's not something that needs to happen to people. Most reason kids bully each other, especially over the Internet, is because they were hurt themselves. They had gotten bullied or abused at home. They can't take away the pain and suffering so they bully someone.

I made this video a while ago and posted it for all the ImmaTeen fans to see, Its called "Stop The Tears and End The Fears". It's a video featuring people who had been victimized by bullies. Some of these kids and teens have been so close to committing suicide because of these people. The main way I have chosen to help these teens is by using the Internet.

This is why I want to start a program at my school to stop cyber, verbal, and physical bullying. Today is the day you can help someone who's been bullied. This is your time to make a change.

Media Speaks! So use it!

Also, check out this page: Stop The Tears and End The Fear! Its a great page and they're very helpful on there!

-Zoë, Youth Correspondant/contributing writer

Have you been bullied? Share your story with Zoë at Media Speak! or on ImmaTeen Facebook page.

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