Aesthetics of the Everyday Through Tatiyana's Eyes

Tatiyana is a freshman in high school with a unique eye for capturing the experiences of youth. From schooling, to friendship, to love, to simply hanging out, Tatiyana brings these special moments into focus through precision and depth. Here is her story of the everyday.

My Gangsters

Anna Marie and Joey were playfully flashing their jackets when I saw that my camera naturally lit up the hallways so that everything in it stood out. I told them to go down the hall a little more and flash the people up ahead ! Anna Marie suggested that I take the picture with Joey too (: This reminds me of teenagers for sure -- always doing crazy, random things.

My Journalism Class

This is my most favorite picture. It really shows the personalities of my friends and how different they are. Savannah (second girl pictured from the right) has a really cool look on her face that gives away so much emotion! And Joey (right next to her) looks sly and charming. And of course Anna Marie, who always has a smile on her face.(:


I took this during jounaslism. The yellow in this picture is just for Anna Marie because it's her favorite color; I decided to just get on the ground and take a random picture and she got right on the ground with me! When I see this picture, I think of happiness lemons! Haha (:


Anna Marie and Elijah, two people who are an absolute mess ! This is the very first day they were going out. I took this picture only because I wanted to capture the very first moments of a blossoming relationship.(:

Fort Bliss Comic Book

If Fort Bliss were a comic book, I know that this is what it would look like. I took this while my sister Zoe was playing soccer on the parade field. Originally, there was a golden sunset, but when I played with the tones and hues, I found that this picture looks even more magical than a normal sunset picture ! (: