Story Melodies Vol. 1: Coming of Age in the City

Story Melodies Vol. 1: Coming of Age in the City from Media Make Change on Vimeo.

Story Melodies Vol. 1 is the first of a series of upcoming digital shorts. Coming of Age in the City highlights the stories of three individuals living in New York City. Their stories are weaved together by the sounds of some of the world's most talented street and subway musicians.

I came up with the idea to begin a series of stories that read like the music we hear. I set out to explore and capture the paradox of sound and image, both of which asks us to consider, what does the image sound like and what does sound look like? Through the paradox we can find meaning.

Because of this project, I've been able to explore nearly every facet of my imagination. I've engaged with my favorite art forms, video and photography, and Ive discovered brilliant sounds of music along the way. After months of collecting sounds and images, I hope to have created a visual and audio work in concert.

I am sincerely thankful to all of the street and subway musicians I listened to along the way. A few listed below:

The Crowd (

Alex Lo Dico Ensemble (

Charlie Guitar (

Made Over (Youtube: bryken89)

The Meetles (

If anything, through this project I learned that stories are the melody in the key of life. (Hat tip to Stevie Wonder ;-)