New Season, New Content (Hello MSTU 4020!; Week 1)

welcome Pictures, Images and Photos Happy Friday!

I'm pleased to announce that Media Make Change's official blog Media Speaks will be revamping this fall. We took some time off over the summer to regroup and think about better ways to improve Media Make Change. Our passion to serve communities through social and new media still stands strong.  We're looking forward to new partnerships and ideas from individuals willing to support our efforts.

In other fantastic news, I'm officially a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University! I still can't believe I'm here. Sometimes I wonder if the Admissions Department screwed up somehow. Ha! Anyhoo, as required for a few of my courses this semester, I'll be posting lots more content this fall on #tech, social media, identity, and communication theory. I'm already giddy about the ideas I'm learning through some of the assigned readings this week. All of which brings me to:

Hello MSTU 4020!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm looking forward to engaging with you all this semester.

Back to the readings for a second, I came across this lovely tidbit of information last night while reading a chapter 4, "Marshal McLuhan and the Cultural Medium: Space, Time and Implosion in the Global Village", of Nick Stevenson's Understanding Media Cultures: Social Theory and Mass Communication.

It reads:

"[T]he mass media's impact upon the construction of horizontal spatial relations and temporal dimensions of social life remains chronically underresearched."


My dreams have come true! I've finally come across ideas where folks are talking about the relationship between new forms of media communication and time/ space theories, and how both influence social organization of culture and identity. Since Stevenson's article was published in 1995, I'm excited about reading more of his work as well as McLuhan's ideas on space and time.

While you're here, feel free to take a peek at one of the videos from my class MSTU 4020.

Until next post...