CRUSH: Facebook in the Time of Syphilis

CRUSH is a fast and fun weekly round-up of social media news Can you get Syphilis from Facebook? According to a public health report in Britain, you can blame social media networks for the recent rise in disease cases by making it easier for individuals to meet up for casual sex.

CRUSH 3-25

While it's far-fetched to believe Facebook is responsible for STDs, it could be aiding insomniacs. If you've started counting tweets instead of sheep when you're having trouble sleeping, a new study reveals you're not alone. An increasing number of Facebook and Twitter users are checking their accounts when they wake up during the night.

The big news on Capitol Hill this week - the health care bill was passed. But, as expected, along with it came strong reactions from both the left and right. The tweeter who threatened to assassinate President Obama has been taken into custody, and his Twitter account is gone. ABC News does have screenshots of the profanity-laden tweets here. Can 140 for characters still land you 15-20? We'll find out soon. From the left corner, we have the first (of possibly many?) mash-up remix of House Minority Leader John Boehner's "No You Can't" rant with's "Yes, We Can" video from the '08 election cycle.

Google's newest project, which promises to install high speed fiber-optic Internet cables in at least one lucky city, has got mayors across the country going to extreme measures. It started in Kansas, where the mayor of Topeka temporarily changed the city's name to Google, Kansas. And the stunts have only gotten more adventurous, as Mayor of Duluth, Minnesota took a dip in frigid Lake Superior, while the Mayor of Sarasota Florida jumped into a tank filled with sharks.

But someone not happy to be catching the attention of Google? The British Special Air Service. It seems Google camera cars have "outed" a secret base of the SAS by marking the location on Google's maps street view, and the British military and parliament aren't happy about their cover being blown.

That brings us to our CRUSH of the Week, where we would like to take a chance to applaud Google for standing up to China.