Courses and Syllabi

List of courses I have taught and links to syllabi below. Syllabi for courses I TA'd are not included.

Assistant Professor, Montclair State University.

Transmedia Projects, 2018-present. This course explores the possibilities and opportunities of transmedia and immersive storytelling

through class discussions, case studies, and supervised transmedia project experience.

Race, Ethnicity, and Media, 2019-present. Race and media share a mutually constitutive relationship: media shape and are shaped by

notions of race, and notions of race shape and are shaped by media forms and practices. In this course, we will have the opportunity to explore this dynamic relationship as we study the ways in which notions of race have been defined and shaped in and through mediated forms. Supplemental Race in the US Guidebook (Conley, 2019).

Communication, Media, and Gender, 2018-present. This course introduces students to the critical examination of how communication processes of socialization and media content exposure produce and circulate shared knowledge, representations, models, and expectations about gender.

Adjunct Instructor, New York University.

Principles of Professional Writing, 2017-2018 (online). Introduce students to critical practices of professional writing and develop students’ skills for ethical, logical, structural, rhetorical, and grammatical dimensions of writing.

Qualitative Methods in Communication Research (Independent Study), 2017-present (online). Guide graduate students in professional writing through research design and methodological choices in pursuit of their individual research inquiries.

Directed Study, 2016-present (online). Guide graduate students in bringing theoretical learning to practical application in a supervised environment. This course offers a choice between an internship (where an organization sponsors/contracts a student in an authentic work experience) and a directed study case project (where a student participates in a case project designed by the course instructor that mimics a freelance work experience).

Business and Organizational Writing, 2016-present (online). Develops students' ability to communicate both within and outside of a business or other organization as both members and managers, including the ability to communicate ethically in the organization's voice.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Television and the Development of Youth, 2019 (online). This course examines the ways in which the medium of television has evolved and consider the different ways in which television is situated in the lives of youth.

Culture, Media, and Education, 2014-present (online). Examines the cultural implications of media and technologies for education by parking theoretical frameworks with case studies and other examples of empirical research.

Adjunct Instructor, The New School.

Women of Color Feminisms: Technologies of Thought & Action, 2015-present. Framing technology as the practical application of knowledge, this course considers how Women of Color Feminist thought and activism has invented and mobilize a wide range of technologies to provide a significant body of work toward social change.

Instructor, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Speech and Intercultural Communications (Pre-College Program), 2011-2014. Guide pre-college international students in examining interpersonal and speech communication principals as well as basic multimedia production skills.

Adjunct Instructor, Bronx Community College.

Interpersonal Communications, 2012-2013. Survey course to increase students’ understanding and implementation of effective interpersonal communication behaviors and skills.

Teaching Assistant, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Youth, Multiliteracies, & Educational Justice I & II, 2014. Assisted teaching team with syllabus development, providing feedback to students, and taught a session on social media and civic engagement. Course examined the ways in which critical, digital, visual, and other literacies can provide positive social and academic experiences for vulnerable youth.

Youth, Media, & Educational Justice, 2013-2014. Assisted teaching team with syllabus development, providing feedback to students, and taught a session on visual storytelling and social media. Participatory learning seminar that provided an interdisciplinary approach to three areas of study: youth, media, and educational justice.

Ethnographic Methods in Educational Research: Dilemmas and New Directions, 2013. Assisted teaching team with syllabus development, providing feedback to students, and taught a session on ethnographic filmmaking. Course guided students in conducting ethnographic methods in educational research.

Teaching of English in Diverse Social & Cultural Context, 2010-2011. Assisted teaching team with syllabus development and providing feedback to students, provided research assistant. Course examined how issues of gender, class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation inform instructional goals, curriculum planning/implementation, and practices in the teaching of literature, language, and composition in English language arts classrooms.

Women-Images and Perspectives, 2007-2008. Assisted teaching team with syllabus development and providing feedback to students. Survey course examining issues related to gender, sex, sexuality, and race in U.S.-American culture.